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Collective Voice facilitates experts across the field to come together to share information and expertise, to forge strong and lasting connections, and to foster a culture of innovation.


Our forums facilitate learning and collaboration opportunities so that innovation can be shared and challenges resolved collectively.

The knowledge and expertise shared and the discussions which take place at Collective Voice forums inform our policy positions and ensure that our influencing is evidence-based.


Our forums and groups act as an interface with government and other allies across the system, providing a place where stakeholders can access the expertise that resides in the voluntary sector.

We also engage with Adfam’s Alliance of Family Support Groups to ensure that its knowledge and expertise informs our work, and are supporting the development of a social work community of practice within the sector.

In 2024/25 we plan to develop a Race Equality Forum. We will seek to develop this group in partnership with organisations that are ‘led by and for’ the people affected by the issues it aims to address.


Collective Voice is the national charity working to improve England’s drug and alcohol treatment and recovery systems