About us

Collective Voice is led by Oliver Standing. Oliver has worked in the field of drugs and alcohol for around nine years, previously being the Director of Policy and Communications for Adfam, the national charity working to improve life for families affected by substance use.

The organisation was previously led by Paul Hayes, who was CEO of the National Treatment Agency for Substance Use from 2001 to 2013.

Oliver is supported by Rob Stebbings. Rob has a background in third sector policy and communication roles and is currently working at Adfam whilst providing part-time project and communications support for Collective Voice.

Collective Voice is sponsored by a group of third sector substance misuse service providers: Blenheim, Change Grow Live, Changing Lives, Cranstoun, EDP Drug & Alcohol Services, Humankind, Phoenix Futures and Turning Point. It is overseen by a Board made up of Chief Executives and Directors from its member organisations.

The intention is that structures developed by Collective Voice will over time draw in a wide range of third sector and NHS providers, and create alliances across other relevant sectors including mental health, criminal justice, and housing to identify issues of shared concern.