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Our main areas of work are guided by our Strategy for 2022-25, which sets out how we understand our role in ensuring a thriving treatment and recovery system that enables anyone in England to access the support they need.

We work in an increasingly relational environment, and so our work to promote change depends on the quality of our relationships. To this end, we form high quality relationships with actors in government as well as allied organisations.

We influence national policy, championing treatment and recovery and the voluntary sector’s role in it.

You can read our policy submissions and official responses via the links below.

We also foster innovation and sharing expertise and experience, bringing people together on the important issues of the day, as well as to scan the horizon for longer term opportunities and threats.

You can learn more about our groups and projects via the link below.

We always aim to lead through collaboration, in the belief that harnessing the reach and insight of more organisations and perspectives will enhance our ability to speak authoritatively to government, and help us foster a sense of shared purpose across our field.

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Collective Voice is the national charity working to improve England’s drug and alcohol treatment and recovery systems