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Latest “Shooting Up” report shows decline in Hep C

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The data suggest there are “certain risk groups… where targeted action would be helpful”

The latest “Shooting Up” report shows a continuing decline in chronic Hep C prevalence. The decline can be seen across most risk groups since 2018, however Hep C prevalence remains higher in some groups, including those injecting stimulants and those reporting homelessness or imprisonment in the last year.


The report states:

“This data suggests that there are certain risk groups, in particular people experiencing homelessness and people who report stimulant injection in the past year, where targeted action would be helpful to ensure continued reductions in HCV prevalence.”


Other key areas covered in the report include:

  • The continuing impact of Covid-19 on people who use drugs and service provision
  • The record level of fatal and non-fatal overdoses
  • Changing patterns of psychoactive drug use, particularly an increase in reported injecting of powder cocaine


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