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COVID-19 surveys on substance misuse and related issues

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A number of organisations have issued surveys to gather information from across different support services and individuals to assess the impact of COVID-19. We have listed some of the surveys relevant to the substance misuse sector below, and will continue to update this list as other surveys are launched.

AdfamLockdown effects on families and friends of someone with a drug, alcohol or gambling problem

ReleaseImpact of Coronavirus on Drug Purchases Survey

CrisisCovid-19 sector survey to understand the support needed by people experiencing homelessness

UCLH Find&Treat team and UCL Collaborative Centre for Inclusion HealthLondon Hostel COVID-19 Survey

GT ResearchTrans-European COVID-19 and drug use survey Phase 1: lockdown

Mini-European Web Survey on Drugs (EWSD)Impact of COVID-19 on patterns of drug use, harms and drug services in the European Union

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